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Lesser Known Facts About Tryptophan Side Effects

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The Case Against Taking L-Tryptophan Supplements

Tryptophan side effects, contrary to claims made by many influential experts, are rather serious. Many nutritional supplement manufacturers and promoters advertise and market the substance as an exceedingly safe natural health product –with a preferential emphasis on numerous alleged benefits (e.g., fights depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and is a natural sleeping aid).

Yet, tryptophan side effects are seldom, if ever, mentioned or explained in a comprehensive manner, giving the impression that such data don't exist (or that there are only benefits of tryptophan).
The widespread unison agreement among experts and marketers in support of tryptophan's safety (and effectiveness) is reminiscent of an observation made by the entrepreneur and author Seth Godin:

“It's easy to pretend expertise when there's no data to contradict you.”

Fact is, there is plenty of solid data on tryptophan that contradict the mainstream perspective. Tryptophan side effects are numerous, and several of them are quite problematic.

The plethora of scientific research suggests that, generally, it is best to avoid consuming L-tryptophan as a stand-alone, individual nutritional supplement on a long-term basis in order to prevent the deterioration of your health due to some rather grave tryptophan side effects.

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